Most of us have heard the terms “layering” and "venting" used in fashion; most often it involves bundling up for a very cold day with a long sleeve top made of synthetic materials or merino wool worn under a top and jacket and leggings also called “long-johns” under pants.  We also hear about layering when a down puffer jacket is worn under a waterproof and wind-proof shell jacket.

Venting is a process that allows heat and moisture from the body to escape to keep you dry,  prevent overhearing and feeling more comfortable. Venting is accomplished with a combination of textile properties, zipper slots and vent ports that allow heat and moisture an efficient path away from the body, so the heat and moisture is not trapped inside.

At GritMoves, we think about layering and venting from the perspective of cyclists where these technical features are leveraged frequently for performance, comfort and portability. They are considered in choice of fabrics, hardware, trims and designs across the collection.  

So, why are layering and venting so important and how might you benefit from leveraging them not just in sports apparel but also in your daily wardrobe?  Let’s run through a few examples:


Moisture Wicking

Moisture accumulates next to the skin when you get hot and sweat during activity or simply moving indoors. That sweat needs somewhere to go or when trapped it can leave you feeling cold and clammy or with perspiration odor.  Choice of textiles with moisture wicking properties and outerwear designed with zipper windows and air ports help prevent moisture from being trapped allowing it to escape from the body.


Heat Transfer Venting

In cycling some say they would rather be too cold than too hot; rides should always start with you feeling a bit cool as you will build up heat on the ride. Overhearing during a race or ride can force you to DQ or jump off your bike feeling like you’re being attacked by a swarm of bees. When we talk about climate and heat control it’s not just about bundling up for a super cold day, it’s about planning the textiles and layers properly and allowing body heat generated through activity to escape from the body making you to feel more comfortable and perform better.   This is accomplished by choice of textiles, layering and venting designs with things like 2-way zippers, trim vents and ports.


Temperature Modulation

Temperature modulation is part of heat-transfer and climate control but deserves specific mention because there are many facets worth noting.  In cycling we need to modulate our clothing to deal with changing temperatures such as a chilly spring or fall morning that eventually warms up mid-day with a bit of sun and activity.   We also need to modulate our clothing based on the terrain. Climbing up a hill one will exert more energy and heat up; coming down a long hill one will be colder with less energy used, more wind and perhaps colder temperatures at the top of a mountain.  In these cases, features such as 2-way zippers, vents and arm warmers allow for back and forth on-the-fly clothing adjustments to get your temperature control where you need it.    


Packing & Portability

When on a bike, there’s only so much space in your pockets and bags for gear; we often want to minimize the weight we need to pedal around so pre-flight planning of what garments to wear and bring along for the climate, changing weather and terrain is a regular discussion and quandary.  Carrying around gear you don’t need, heavy coats and scarves traveling can be a drag factor.  At GritMoves we strive make our collection transitional across seasons and flexible for changing weather, travel and daily use.  


Fashion Styles & Pairing

Let’s face it, layering and venting is not just about utility, it’s also about style right? Layering allows you to experiment, dress up or down and create many outfits with the same base clothing. Pair a t-shirt or hoodie with a blazer, wear a button-up or sweater  under a vest.  Integrate a 3rd color to your outfit. 



At GritMoves we want you look your best and be comfortable on the go so get some layers, mix it up and make it your own.  Whether you're on the bike heading to work, traveling or off to the green for 18 holes with an early tee time, try experimenting with layering and packing light.  Check out our COBALT BOMBER VESTCOBALT BOMBER JACKET and LONG SLEEVE V-NECK MERINO TOP.